Like any Internet resource, a landing page will bring results only when visitors come to it. The only question is how to achieve this, because the promotion landing page is one of the most difficult tasks for the optimizer.

Landing page promotion – options

Unlike a multi-page website, a successful SEO promotion landing page requires additional tools to attract an audience — through contextual advertising and social networks.



Everything is simple: Imagine how many target requests you need to include per page of text to bring it to the TOP (again, we’ll remind you that landing page is a one-page page). At best, you are simply “banned” (excluded from issuing for excessive use of key requests). At worst, the landing page will remain somewhere in the second hundred of search results, because it will not be able to compete in this parameter with multi-page sites.

Output – promotion of the landing page based on a neat combination of all sources of the target audience. All that is needed for this is not to go too far and to know very well the capricious nature of Yandex and Google algorithms.

Do SEOs need to be optimized for landing in general?

Yes, but not aggressive and at low frequency inquiries – then there is a real opportunity to completely occupy a niche: albeit very narrow, but entirely yours. To order a turnkey SEO Landing Page optimization, you need to formulate a UTP in an extremely clear and effective manner. By selecting low-frequency queries in accordance with it, you can really get quite good results in the SEO.

How do we do it?

  • We are extremely carefully working on the marketing part – niche, target audience, UTP, and competitor analysis for requests.
  • We define the semantic core of requests and keys for advertising campaigns, we write optimized selling texts and ads.
  • We are developing a “big three” of successful promotion: targeted advertising campaign in social networks, contextual advertising campaign and SEO strategy.
  • We combine these methods, monitor the results in real time, correcting and maintaining the landing page “afloat”
    What is the price of the question?

You will laugh, but again individually. The cost depends on the competition in the niche, the complexity of the product (core compiling), the workload of the director (who sets up contextual advertising). The total price of a landing page promotion is as a designer, which consists of several elements.

You can get advice from Helprez specialists and find out the exact cost of the project by contacting our managers in any way convenient for you. To order a landing page promotion in Helprez is to be confident in a positive result!