The winner gets everything – and search results in this regard is no different from ordinary life. If you want a corporate website to bring real benefits not only to the owners of the hosting, but also to you personally, you will have to try. Or just choose the right contractor and order a seo promotion for a corporate site .

Why is it important that the site is in the TOP?

“Higher position – more visitors – more customers – more sales”: in general, the chain looks like this. Depending on your goals, “clients” can be replaced with advertisements, subscribers, partners, etc. – but the position condition will always remain the same.

80% of search engine users do not look below 7-8 lines of issue – this means that if you are not in the TOP-10, then the chances of your site being noticed decrease by the same amount.

How and when should you promote?

Promotion of a corporate website in Moscow (as in the most competitive market) can be divided into two stages:

  1. Before creating the site. Before you engage in design, layout, technical issues and the creation of text content, you need to collect a list of requests (keywords) for which your corporate website will begin to advance immediately after launch.
  2. After completing work on the site. As soon as a resource is launched, it is necessary to regularly monitor its position in the search engine results, supplement and correct the list of key requests and update the content in a timely manner.

It is important to remember that any significant pause in filling the site with materials leads to a gradual decrease in its position in search results – the robot may mistakenly decide that the resource is no longer relevant. That is why CEO is a constant companion of any business present on the Internet.

How much is SEO promotion?

Promotion of a corporate website in Moscow – its cost and effectiveness – depends on several factors:

  • The number and quality of key requests. They need to be collected – that is, to analyze the issuance of search engines, to watch its dynamics and how often these requests are entered by users. If the core has 15-20 requests, it is relatively easy. But for a corporate site, their number can easily exceed 1-2 hundreds.
  • The presence of competitors. Competitors can use the same semantic core – because you work with them in the same niche. If there are 1-2 such sites, the situation is quite easily resolved in your favor. If there are 10-15 of them, you will have to make a lot of effort and use additional tools.
  • Output time in the TOP. The methodology of gradual advancement as the number of the audience grows is initially wired into the search engine algorithm. “Breaking” it and making a novice website a leader in 1-2 months is practically unrealistic – not only the quality of the content and the semantic core plays a role, but also the age of the site: the older it is, the better. Nevertheless, you can always find a way out – especially if you turn to qualified people, who have more than a dozen top-level projects.

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