Why do some online stores bring tens of millions of rubles in profit, while others disappear without a trace in a month? In the latter case, it is not a fraud – just without seo promotion online store the result will be sad and predictable.

What you need to know?

The specificity of promotion of an online store lies in its two distinctive features:

  1. In fact, this is a large catalog consisting of a set of cards (pages) of goods. There may be tens of thousands. As a result, the tasks of linking and selecting a semantic core are of tremendous complexity. Promotion of an online store cheaply is possible only with its not too wide range.
  2. Huge competition. The e-commerce market is very attractive – more than 945 billion rubles in sales in 2017 and a growth forecast of another 20% in 2018 ( But getting into the TOP, bypassing the e-commerce mastodons in the CEO is unlikely.

Output – all the same low-frequency queries, professional development of the segment, as well as marketing, marketing and marketing again.

Any chance of success?

Of course. And more than real – you just need to be soberly aware of the following:

  • It’s impossible to compete with top online hypermarkets in their segment: their budgets are hundreds of millions of rubles only for CEOs. The way out is to properly position and select the assortment.
  • TOPs are almost not interested in low-frequency queries – a great opportunity to order an online store promotion and lay the SEO foundation for powerful sales online.
  • TOPs are slow. Changing the range, adjusting the CEO, entering new channels to attract customers – for a small online store, this is a matter of one or two days. For any of the large online hypermarkets – 1-2 months. During this time, a niche can already be yours.

How much is the promotion of a turnkey online store in Helprez?

The assortment (selection of the semantic core) and competition are two factors that determine the price of online store promotion . First of all, you should not save your time for consultation: talk with our experts – this is not only free, but also very useful. All that is required is to answer a series of questions, and as a result you will receive information on the exact cost.