Type of service Cost of Deadlines

Development of the concept of presentation design
Selection of style references, up to 2 variants of design on an example of 3 slides

10 000 ₽ 2-3 days

Presentation in PDF on a turn-key basis
Copyright/rewriting, text structuring, design, layout in Adobe InDesign, image buying, preparation for printing, 3 rounds of edits

1 700 ₽ per slide From 7 days

Presentation in PDF without copywriting
Your text, design, layout, preparation for printing, 3 rounds of edits


1 300 ₽ per slide From 5 days

Translation of presentation from PDF to PPT
Editable format

500 ₽ per slide From 3 days

Corporate presentation template in PPT
Creating a corporate master layout, setting fonts / colors (title + 5 standard slides

50 000 ₽ From 10 days

On the domain yourname.webprez.ru with access to the presentation 24/7 and individual animation settings

From 1 500 ₽ per slide From 7 days

VIDEO presentation
Animated 2D, 3D video

From 25 000 ₽ for 30 seconds From 15 days

Selection of references, development of at least 3 concepts, finalization of 1 option

From 30 000 ₽ From 5 days

Firm style
Development of at least 5 layouts of a standard set of business documents, a guide for using corporate style

From 30 000 ₽ From 10 days

Selling landing page on the Tilda platform

From 30 000 ₽ From 12 days

Selling landing page on the WordPress

From 40 000 ₽ From 12 days

Corporate website

From 100 000 ₽ From 20 days

Leaflets, posters, business cards

From 3 500 ₽ per slide From 2 days

The exact price will be calculated with a project manager after detailed description of your request via phone or in person. We forward a business offer with the detailed description of our services for an order confirmation.

The advantages of working with Helprez:

  • 10 % discount for all new customers
  • 2 printed copies as a gift
  • Cocluding contracts and working with payments that includes VAT
  • Keep our prices stable

Helprez team is always able to meet client’s needs and reduce production time if the order is urgent.